Following thousands of years of tradition in the evolution of jewel making, having simultaneously our view towards the modern and international development in the jewelry industry and fashion in general, our company's name ''Goldsmiths'' comes as an homage to all our predecessors in the art of jewel making. They carved the path that lead us here with their traditional techniques, and now we take the responsibility to carry on, equipped with all the modern technological advance to take jewelry into the first years of the 21st century.

  Having the luck to seat in a city, Thessaloniki, Greece, with a 2300 year old tradition concerning jewel manufacturing, which is as much as the city's history since it's foundation and knowing about the perfection of the creations of the ancient goldsmiths as well as the total of our craft's history through the centuries and how it is interconnected with technological evolution and the economic environment of each era, we have a vision. To utilize all modern techniques such as 3d design and printing or laser cutting, and taking advantage of the speed, the precision and the freedom they give us in designing and manufacturing modern designs according to the needs of our times, aiming to the aesthetic integrity of our ancient masters.

  After having worked at renowned jewelry labs and businesses the first years of our route within jewelry industry, in 2005 the time came when, having acquired all necessary knowledge in the idustry and international trade, we founded Golsmiths jewelry lab, carrying as new jewelers all the thirst to carve our route in the new millenium. Today, more than 10 years after, we are satisfied that day after day we fulfill all our initial targets, having loyal customers in Greece and Internationally, offering high quality products and services.
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